• Math Major

    The curriculum in mathematics provides the knowledge and experience needed to be a professional mathematician or pursue advanced study in a related area. The courses provide a balance between applied and theoretical problem solving, while the Junior Seminar and Senior Experience allow an in-depth exploration of an area beyond the formal course work. The design of the major provides ample opportunity to pursue a minor in another academic discipline, to expand potential career opportunities, or to prepare for law school. When you complete a major in mathematics you will have satisfied content area requirements for Pennsylvania secondary certification in mathematics.  

    Requirements for Bachelor of Science in Mathematics:

    Mathematics majors are required to complete: MAT 160, MAT 260, and MAT 360 (Calculus I, II, and III: 12 credits), MAT 302 (Linear Algebra: 3 credits), plus at least four additional upper level mathematics courses (at least 12 credits) and CSC 110 (Introduction to Computer Programming: 2-4 credits), or MAT 151I (Computer Applications for Science and Mathematics: 3 credits). Each student must also complete a Junior Seminar (MAT 398/399: 2 credits) and Senior Experience (MAT 498/499: 4 credits) in mathematics. 

    Required Support Courses:

    Each student must complete PCS 221/223 (Physics with Calculus I Lecture and Laboratory: 4 credits).


  • Major:



    Bachelor of Science


    Main Oakland Campus
    Course Requirements: 120.00 credits