Every great artist had great teachers. Carlow's Master of Education (MEd) in Art Education makes competent and compassionate professional art educators. Students are also prepared to obtain (an optional) Pennsylvania state certification in art education. 

Graduates of the program will:

  • create artwork demonstrating advanced, professional-level skills and concepts
  • integrate studio, art history, art criticism, and aesthetics into curriculum development projects
  • incorporate current learning and psychology of art theories
  • use concepts from art therapy in classroom experiences for all students 
QUICK FACTS: optional PA Certification; no GRE or GMAT required; classes begin August 29

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Master of Education in Art Education Course Information

Course Requirements: 36 credits
Degree: Master of Education
Locations: Main Oakland Campus

Notable Courses

AE-707 Museum Internship (3 credits) 

An internship that integrates theory with practice through the development, execution, and evaluation of programming specific to museums, and it all takes place in a museum education setting. This full semester experience takes place under the supervision of a site monitor and University faculty member.

PRC-727 Therapy & the Expressive Art (3 credits)

The use of the expressive arts in therapy is intrinsically healing. You will explore the creative process as a means to help clients connect with feelings, bring the unconscious to consciousness, and gain heightened self-awareness. Explore a specific emphasis on the creative process as a healing force.

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