Our degrees offer you the freedom to explore your intellectual and personal passions while also enabling you to do good and do well. Many of the programs below have multiple degree options, concentrations, and certificate programs to best cater to your educational needs.


Program Major Minor Graduate Online Accelerated
Accounting M m A
Art M m
Art Education M G
Behavioral Neuroscience M
Biology M m
Business Administration (MBA) G O A
Business Management M m O A
Chemistry M m
Communication M m
Counseling Psychology (PsyD) G
Creative Writing M m G
Creative Writing (MFA) G
Criminal Justice M m A
Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) G
Early Childhood Education M G A
Early Development and Learning M
Educational Leadership for HPL G O
English M m
Forensic Accounting M A
Fraud and Forensics (MS) G O A
General Studies M
Health Coach (Minor) m
Health Management M m O A
History M m
Human Resource Management and Technology M m A
Online Instructional Design & Technology Graduate Certificate O
Information Technology Management (Minor) m G
Liberal Studies M
Mathematics M m
Middle Level Education M
Nursing M G O A
Philosophy (Minor) m
Political Science M m A
Pre-Law (Minor) m A
Pre-Med, Pharm, Dentist M
Professional Counseling (MS) G A
Psychology M m G A
Respiratory Care M O
Secondary Education M
Social Work M m
Sociology (Minor) m
Special Education M G A
Student Affairs (MA) G A
Theatre (Minor) m
Theology (Minor) m
Women's and Gender Studies (Minor) m