The IT Division at Carlow provides a broad range of technology services, including: help! services & lab support, media services, software and application support, and networking and telecommunications services. Contact Help! Services 412.578.8700 or 866.767.9509.

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Phone: 412.578.8700
Office Location: University Commons, 2nd Floor, Information Desk
Office Hours: Mon-Fri, 8am to 10pm | Sat 8am to 5pm (Information Desk)

To change or recover your password, click one of the following: Change your password and enroll for password recovery. If you forgot your password and have previously enrolled in password recovery.


Technology Resources for New Students

The information on this page is intended for new students at Carlow University. We know that you are excited to begin exploring all of the different technology resources that Carlow students use on a daily basis. By using the list below as a checklist you will get acquainted with the essential technology tools you will need to be successful at Carlow. 

Before Accessing Carlow's Technology Resources

Change Password/Enroll in Password Recovery | Change your Temporary Password / Enroll in Password Recovery Instructions [pdf]

In order to keep your confidential information secure while providing access to the information and resources you need to be a successful student, you need to change your temporary password to one that only you know. Because managing passwords can be challenging, Carlow also provides a free and secure way to reset your own password if you forget it. We highly recommend you do both of these steps before accessing any other technology resource.

Resources Available On Or Off-Campus

After you have changed your temporary password and enrolled in Password Recovery (see above), you will have access to other essential resources. If there is a special format for your username which you need to log in, it will be indicated below. Otherwise, simply use your Carlow username and password. 

Email | Set up and Log in Instructions [pdf]
Use this format:

There are a few steps you must take to set up your email account. As all email communications from Carlow to current students must go to the student’s Carlow email account, this is essential. You should check your Carlow email frequently so that you stay connected with your faculty and fellow students.

When you need to register for courses, check grades, and find out where your classrooms are located on campus, use WebAdvisor to find this information. 

Use this format: Carlow\username
Use myPortal to find up-to-date information about what is going on around campus as well as campus directories, policies, available services and other resources.

Once you have registered for classes you will be able to access course information and materials through CelticOnline. The degree to which CelticOnline is used in a course varies so be sure to check your syllabus.

Password Recovery | How to Recover Your Password Instructions [pdf]
Once you have enrolled in Password Recovery, you can recover it by answering a few simple questions. If you have not yet signed up for Password Recovery, use these instructions to enroll [pdf]. 

Emergency Communications e2Campus
You will automatically be enrolled in e2Campus so that you can begin to receive emails and text messages regarding important emergency information (delays, campus closing, etc) on campus.

Resources Available On-Campus

Computer Labs & Campus Computers
There are several computer labs accessible with your Carlow ID card. When you log in to a computer in a lab using your Carlow username and password, you have automatic access to myPortal, can use any of the installed software on the computer, can log in to other technology resources, and can print using your Carlow ID card.

Wireless Access - Access the Student Network
If your laptop has wireless ability, all Oakland campus buildings provide wireless access.