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  • Robin Ponton a Graduate of 2012, Major in Business ManagementRobin Ponton, a Business Management major with a minor in Corporate Communications graduated in May 2012. She was first introduced to Carlow University by her mother, DeShauna Ponton, class of 2008. She was amazed by the positive experience while sitting in Dr. Stewart's philosophy class; and applied to Carlow during her high school senior year.

    Robin is grateful for the funding and scholarships she's received (including the Pittsburgh Promise). Robin says she has always been a hard worker—never accepting the easy way out. She has taken no fewer than 18 credits each semester. Along with being a full-time student, she was an intern at the Small Business Administration (SBA); she mentored Carlow students, was a student leader, created BLOC (Business Leaders of Carlow), was a member of Women in Communication, and was also a senator for the School of Management.

    Thanks to her Carlow University experience, she now has a broader view of the world, making her a better person. Though she misses Carlow, she is thankful for the growth and skills that she has learned and is planning to continue to attend certain BLOC activities and events as an alumna.

    Jennifer Haselrig, benefited from your donation to the Carlow FundJennifer Haselrig, a graduate of the Forensic Accounting program comes from Johnstown, PA. She considered Carlow a second home and valued knowing all of her teachers, has many good friends, and is thankful for Jermaine McKinley, director for the Mercy Center for Service, and Chris Meaner, director of Student Activities for their support in her life while at Carlow University.

    Feeling blessed to have this opportunity at Carlow University; she made the most of her Carlow experience by being an active leader in various student activities. She was a mentor for the First Year Mentor class, team taught with Professor Susan Rubish Geisler, was the president of BLOC (Business Leaders of Carlow), was a member of the Black Student Union, and was vice president of the Student Government Association. 

    Along with the various activities with which she is involved, Jennifer always took between 16-18 credits per semester. She says that her academic experience has "opened her mind to the world" in a professional way and has shown her the "good in helping other women to succeed." She believes that Carlow's catholic-based mission has much to do with her philosophy. Jennifer stated, "If you are passionate about succeeding, then you are also passionate about what can help you succeed."

    Jennifer's son, Julius, is an important part of her life and has inspired her to make the most of this "blessing as a student at Carlow University."