It’s interesting to hear what some people have to say about Carlow University—and we have a feeling that they really don’t know us at all!

Starting a New Conversation

A lot of people think we are an all women’s college—even though we’ve been admitting men since 1946. Others think that because we were founded by the Sisters of Mercy, all of our classes are taught by nuns wearing habits and that students go to mass every day.

13 Teams

People are surprised to find out we have sports teams. Actually, we have 11 varsity teams, including women’s golf, men’s basketball, women’s volleyball, and men’s soccer. Our women’s softball was recently the runner-up in the USCAA National Championship series.

50+ Majors

Some people think we are a nursing school. Well, we’re pretty proud of our College of Health and Wellness—and the Carlow nursing program is recognized locally and regionally for the great preparation and training our students receive as well as for the compassion and caring our graduates bring to their profession.

But Carlow is also preparing great graduates in fields such as biology, forensic accounting, art therapy, and mathematics.

So what do we want people to know about Carlow?

This is a university passionate about social justice, treating people with dignity and respect, and that believes that communities are stronger when there is trust, an appreciation for different opinions, and a sense of shared humanity.

We want people to know that Carlow graduates do good—and do well

Career Placement: 96 percent for job-seeking grads

Our career placement rate is 96 percent, and our alumni are making names for themselves in areas ranging from county government and hospital administration to social service agencies and local businesses. They are entrepreneurs and change agents, flight nurses, bankers, and advertising executives. And they believe that it’s not enough just to make a difference. It’s important that the difference they are making is meaningful and has an impact.

When people talk about Carlow, listen for these words—respect, dignity, trust, and faith. 

Look at the faces of our student athletes and you’ll see determination, resilience, and passion. Carlow students work hard, on and off the court and they know that this is a university that cares about each and every one of them as an individual.

So continue the conversation about Carlow University! Want to know more? Check out our website, follow us on social media, and let us know what you think people should know about Carlow!



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