Honors Courses 

Honors courses are designed to enhance students’ major fields of study through novel perspectives and new approaches to learning. The Honors program consists of four Honors courses:

  • Honors Section of CC 100, 101, or 102
    Honors students are required take an Honors-designated skills course during their first year.
  • Honors Section of a Core Curriculum Course
    Honors students select from Honors core courses for a liberal arts foundation, emphasizing creative, innovative approaches and perspectives.
  • Honors Experience within the Major
    Honors students work with a faculty mentor to explore topics relevant to their majors through an Honors-designated major course or special tutorial. An additional Honors core course may be substituted for this requirement.
  • Junior/Senior Colloquium
    This interdisciplinary course examines a challenging social issue from the perspectives of several academic disciplines and may include guest speakers or extra-curricular experiences to provide additional insight.

Eligibility Requirements

There are two pathways to the enter the Honors Program: 

  • For High School Students:
    The Honors Program requires an admissions application (no separate Honors Program application necessary), a minimum 3.6 GPA, verbal/math SAT of 1170 or composite ACT of 24 and completion of at least two advanced, accelerate, or honors courses.
  • For First-Year Students Completing 12-37 Credits Once At Carlow:
    The Program requires a 3.6 college GPA, and the recommendation of a faculty member.

To remain in the Program, students must maintain a 3.6 (out of 4.0) cumulative GPA as full-time students and complete three honors courses at Carlow.

International Students 

The Director of the Center for Global Learning nominates international students who are eligible for the Honors program.