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  • Helpful Links for New Students


    Play ball! Or tennis or run cross-country or any of the fun and competitive sports at Carlow—become a Celtic today!


    Find everything you need for classes at the Carlow Bookstore including textbooks, pens, notepads, beverages, snacks, greeting cards, PAT bus tickets and Carlow University merchandise such as T-shirts, shorts, keychains, and more. Visit us at 3402 Fifth Avenue across the street from main campus (next to Sciulli's Pizza) or 24/7 online

    Carlow Card Office 

    The Carlow Card is your Carlow ID card that will provide you with access to the residence hall, various classroom buildings, your meal plans, Carlow Cash, and various other services.

    Dining Services

    Carlow's dining services includes a full cafeteria in Tiernan Hall, Franny's Cafe in Frances Warde Hall for quick breakfast or lunch, and the Celtic Café in AJP for sandwiches, snacks, and beverages.

    Financial Aid

    The Financial Aid Office is available to help you and your family through the financial aid process, not just while you are here as a new student, but throughout your entire time at Carlow. We also encourage you to utilize the Financial Aid website to obtain financial aid forms and documents, and to link to other important federal and state financial aid websites. They are part of the Student Hub (Antonian Hall, 2nd floor).

    Information Technology

    The IT Department of Carlow is here to assist you with all of your technology needs. Check here for information and specifications for bringing your own computer to campus. The Help Desk is located on the 2nd floor of Antonian Hall.


    Learn about our upcoming orientation events. Whether you're a undergrad, transfer, or graduate student, at orientation, you can take care of all your business at Carlow!

    Mail Room

    Our Carlow mailroom provides most of the post office services you'll need. Visit them in their temporary location  in the trunk room of Dougherty Hall, next to Frances Warde Hall. (If you go back by Franny’s Café in Frances Warde Hall, take the steps down one floor — the mailroom is to the left.  If you take the elevator by Franny’s, select the “T” floor.)

    Map of the Carlow Campus 

    Find your way around the beautiful Carlow campus.


    All persons of the Carlow campus community, desiring to purchase a parking permit must first complete an application form. All vehicles on the Carlow Campus must have a parking permit.


    Look to the Registrar with help registering for classes, making schedule changes, and checking your grades. They are part of the Student Hub (Antonian Hall, 2nd floor).

    Student Accounts

    The Student Accounts Office is available to help you understand and pay your student bill. They are part of the Student Hub (Antonian Hall, 2nd floor).


    Additional Services


    Campus Ministry

    Campus Ministry has a threefold dimension: awareness—Who am I and Who is my God/the ultimate reality of my life; reform/renewal—What ideas, attitudes, actions will I choose to take to be a Wo-man of Mercy/Carlow; dialogue—As a Wo-man of Carlow I am fearless and respectful in facing life's extravagant diversity of peoples, cultures, religions, and natural beauty. As Popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI said to youth: "Be Not Afraid, God is with you."

    Center for Academic Achievement 

    The Center for Academic Achievement (CAA) is an academic resource for goal-oriented Carlow students working to become stronger and more independent learners.

    Career Development

    This is Carlow's Office of Career Development program consisting of programs and services designed to ensure that students and alumni of Carlow make a successful transition from education to employment.

    Disabilities Services

    If you are considering attending Carlow and are a person with a disability there are accommodations which can be made for you with proper documentation via the Disabilities Services Office.

    Library (Grace Library)

    Our library has everything you need for any research including books, journals, videotapes, and computers.

    Police Department (Campus Safety)

    We, the Carlow University Police department, exist to provide quality Police and Security service to all people within our jurisdiction with respect, fairness, and compassion.

    Student Life

    The Student Life office is available to help acclimate you to life as a student at Carlow. 

    Wellness Services 

    Check out the Wellness and Fitness site for information on activities and programs to help you improve your lifestyle.