Highly-qualified admissions counselors will meet any college planning needs you may have. They are happy to participate in your assemblies, college planning nights, financial aid workshops, high school course selection workshops, or career fairs. 

In addition, your school may wish to take advantage of the Carlow faculty below who are available as guest speakers.

Interested high school personnel can reach faculty and make arrangements through your school's admissions counselor.

College Planning

  • All You Need to Know About Financial Aid
  • High School Course Selection Workshops
  • Gazing Into Your Future: Deciding on a Major
  • Courses offered by Carlow University
  • Scholarship Planning
  • Women in Leadership


  • Michael Balmert, PhD - Communication/Media Ethics; Interpersonal
  • Dynamics/Conflict; Leadership; Persuasion
  • Diane Matthews, EdD- Forensic Accounting; CPA Exam
  • Jennifer Snyder-Duch, PhD - Mass Media Policy


  • Janice Abrams, PhD - Reading Instruction; Learning Disabilities
  • Rene Pico, PhD - Puerto Rico Statehood/Political Status in the U.S. ; Science Education/Assessment; Puerto Rican Culture; Multicultural Education
  • Roberta Schomburg, PhD - Early Childhood Education; Violence Prevention
  • Christina Shorall, PhD - Educational Psychology; Foundations of Education


  • James Carmine, PhD - Philosophy as a Practical Major; Law School
  • Maureen Crossen, PhD - Women and the Church; Religion and the Church
  • William De Bernardi, MFA - Drawing and Painting
  • Dale Huffman, MFA - Ceramics
  • Sigrid King, PhD - Shakespeare without Fear; What's Love Got to Do with It? (Shakespearean Sonnets)
  • Suzanne Rumbaugh, MPM - "How do writers influence life?" "Writing - a road less traveled." "Approach the world on your own terms through writing." "Writing is a link, follow it now!"

Natural Sciences

  • Stephen R. Borecky, PhD - What is Perfusion Technology?; Anatomy & Physiology; Biology/Autopsy Specialist
  • Felicia Cianciarulo, PhD - Bio remediation; Sick Building Syndrome; Mold Contamination; Bio contaminants
  • David Gallaher, PhD - Chemistry
  • Monique Shumaker, PhD - Chemistry Career Options


  • Mary Lou Bost, DrPH, MPH, BSN, RN - Community Health Nursing; Nursing Education
  • Mildred Jones, PhD, RN, CS - Careers in Nursing; Cultural Diversity in Nursing; Nursing Leadership

Social Sciences 

  • Mary Burke, PhD - Social Issues and Implications for Mental Health; Minority Issues
  • Linda Burns, PhD - Sociology of the Family; Women's Issues; Criminal Justice Issues
  • Jim Kelly, PhD - Healthcare Policy; Non-Profit Organizations; Social Justice
  • Robert Reed, PsyD - Child Psychopathology: Treating Children with Psychological Disorders (ADHD, depression, etc.)
  • Sheila Gillespie Roth, PhD - Stress; What Can I Do With a Degree in Social Work?; Grief and Loss - Let Me Count the Ways