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    Where is Carlow?

    Carlow University is located on a 14-acre hillside in the heart of the Oakland neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.

    Is Carlow a girls-only university?

    No. We have admitted men since 1945. Men make up about 10% of the student body.

    What programs and degrees do you offer?

    For detailed information on studying for an undergraduate (or bachelor's) degree, see the Degrees & Programs section. 

    Can I visit campus?

    We would love to show you our campus. Tours are available throughout the year;  visit the Tours & Visiting section to plan your visit to Carlow. 

    How much does it cost to apply?

    It is free to apply online. Why not start your application now?

    How much does it cost to attend Carlow?

    View the current tuition and fees. Remember, you can’t know for sure how much tuition will cost you until you apply for financial aid and receive an award decision. You can estimate your cost by using our Cost Calculator. 

    Are there scholarships and financial aid available?

    Yes! Yes, Carlow offers a wide range of scholarships and financial aid. 94% of our students receive some type of institutional financial aid. 

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