Inspired by the words and vision of Catherine McAuley, Roundtable participants presented papers and websites which explored the influence of the Mercy heritage on the teaching and culture at each of our institutions. These writings and photos are offered for further reflection and for the stimulation of a rich and vibrant relationship among all those who bring the Mercy heritage to life on our campuses.


The most recent Carlow Roundtable was held from May 26-June 1, 2013, in Mercy's Home (Mercy International), Dublin, and Glendalough County, Wicklow, Ireland. Representatives from Carlow University as well as other Mercy colleges from throughout the United States gathered in the home of Mercy family all over the world to present and participate in discussions centered on how the values of the Sisters of Mercy inform the work of our teaching and administration.

CMHE colleagues met in Carlow, Ireland, for the fifth Carlow University Round Table and participated in a dialog on teaching in Mercy mission-centered institutions and the role of Catholic Social Teaching. Although each Mercy institution has its own culture, every institution shares the same heritage; inspired by our common Mercy heritage. We will draw from our knowledge and experience to explore how our heritage and Catholic Social Teaching influences how and what we teach in these institutions of higher learning.


  • Bringing Learning to Light with Collaboration Centers
  • Impact of Mercy Leadership Academy: Teaching, Service, and Research
  • Veterans and the Mercy Mission
  • Literature and the Light: Reading in a Mercy Context
  • Institutional Support for Mission Leadership in a Climate of Systemic Change: A Mission Focused Leadership Development Model and Its Impact on Teaching and Learning


  • The Next Great Need: Curriculum as Mission
  • Service Learning in the Sciences: Mercy Values and Civic Engagement
  • SIFE as an Effective Tool for Engaging Students in the Work of Empowerment
  • Assisting Students to Incorporate the Value of Service through Curricular and Co-curricular Activities
  • For a Just and Merciful World: Bringing Mercy to Light in the Teaching of Social Movements
  • Operation S.M.A.R.T.™ Teaching Preservice Teachers: The Mercy Way
  • Self-Efficacy Builds Professional Confidence in the Community Classroom
  • Midwifing Global Citizens: A Call to Transformation


  • Ethics across the Curriculum, on Being Bilingual
  • Discovering the Wells of Mercy in “Medieval Life and Thought,” an Honors Course at Gwynedd-Mercy College
  • Student Engagement in the Mathematics Classroom: Using the Language of Mathematics as a Tool for Teaching and Learning
  • Creating and Maintaining Enthusiasm: The Professors’ Guide to Building a Community of Learners through Multifaceted Lessons
  • Occupational Therapy, Service-Learning, and the Mercy Mission


  • Assessing Catholic Identity and Mercy Heritage at a Mercy Institution
  • Hill Street Blues: Are You Serving Your Underserved Population?
  • Demonstrating the Mercy Mission and Applying Service Learning through A Community-Academic Partnership
  • A Signature of a Mercy Education: The New Gen Ed Curriculum at Gwynedd-Mercy College
  • Reflecting the Hallmarks of Mercy Education through a Structured Mentoring Program
  • Implementation of Mission and Core Values into Clinical Teaching
  • Fashioning Voice/s: Dialogue, Reflexivity, and Disorienting Dilemma
  • Sharing Your Voice: Building Community through the Use of Self-Disclosure in the Feminist Classroom


  • The Life and Vision of Catherine McAuley
  • The Mercy Mission Reflected in Our Pedagogy and Curriculum Mercy and Justice: The Humanities
  • Render unto Caesar: Maintaining Mercy Values amid the Pressures to Conform to State and National Teacher Education Regulations
  • Salve Regina University: Charting Its Course by Mission Integration and Planning
  • Toward the Transformative Wisdom of Mercy: Living in-between the Gift of Mercy and the Task of Protesting White Privilege
  • Regina University: A Legacy of Mercy
  • Caught in the Current of the Technology Tidal Wave
  • A Study of Worldview: Mission, Catholic Identity, and Academic Freedom in Colleges and Universities Sponsored by the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas
  • Changing Structures . . . Learning Through Doing
  • To Do the Work of God: Catholic Colleges in the Mercy Tradition
  • Connecting to the Community at Its Doors: The Mercy Neighborhood Ministries
  • Service Learning: The Power of University-Community Connections
  • Mercy Works: Building Bridges One Heart at a Time
  • LIFE: Literacy Influences Future Experiences