Career Resources Online

There are a number of helpful sites which offer information regarding skills, work activities, work styles, and wages of many different occupations.

Career Resources Collection at Grace Library

The Career Resources Collection is located on the second level of Grace Library. Included in this collection are materials dealing with researching a career, writing a resume, interviewing, and finding a job. Carlow has an Office of Career Development located on the 4th Floor of Frances Warde Hall for more career assistance.

To search for books and videos on careers and related topics in Grace Library go to and click on the link for Grace Library's Online Catalog. Once the online catalog windows has opened, enter in one of the subject headings listed below into the Quick Search box, select subject from the drop down menu and click on the search button. This is only a partial list of the most likely headings. Consult the Library Congress of Subject Headings for others.

Subject headings: career change, employment interviewing, internship, resumes, job hunting, vocational guidance.

In addition, Carlow has an Office of Career Development where you can visit to keep your finger on the pulse of your chosen career path!