Business management gives particular emphasis to an understanding of the behavioral and systemic challenges that people face in organizations—profit and nonprofit—by providing students with a thorough knowledge of management concepts and applications. The business management major encompasses a course of study leading to a Bachelor of Science degree. This four-year program relates the analytical, the behavioral, and the conceptual theories of business and develops a perceptive and orderly approach to management situations. Students can opt for a double major by combining business management with another discipline by consulting with their advisors.

Bachelor of Science in Business Management

Degree: Bachelor of Science
Locations: Main Oakland Campus


BSM 302SL: Women as Managers
An examination of the problems encountered by women in or aspiring to managerial/leadership positions. This class will complete analyses of organizational, societal, political, and economic obstacles to career development. Emphasis will be placed upon the behavioral aspects of attaining management positions and functioning effectively as managers. Historical data will be integrated.

BSM 416: Creative and Innovative Management
An introduction to differentiating creativity and innovation from both an individual and organizational perspective by integrating this knowledge into the real work-time situation. Students will demonstrate and critique techniques used to generate new ideas, and overcome both individual and group creative problem solving. Students will analyze methodologies for creative strategy usage and options that foster a positive climate.

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