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  • Biology Lab

    What Is Biology?

    A Bachelor of Science in biology will prepare you for a wide range of exciting and innovative careers in research, medicine, health care, and beyond and provides you with a strong foundation for graduate course work.

    Ideal Location

    Carlow’s location in Pittsburgh’s medical and educational hub offers unparalleled access to world-renowned medical facilities and research labs, allowing you to get professional, real-word experience before graduation.

    Challenging, But Supportive

    The biology program at Carlow University is strong and challenging, with diverse and approachable faculty members who teach both classroom and laboratory sections and serve as your mentors/advisors.

    Innovative Laboratories

    Learn and study in our state-of-the-art science building that is equipped with two research labs, a gross anatomy lab, an environmental chamber room, histology lab, ecology field lab, anatomy and physiology labs, a STEM Digital Learning Lab, and much more.

    Make Our Program Work For You

    Carlow’s biology program gives you a solid foundation across the entire breadth of biology and affords you ample opportunity to delve deep within your chosen specialty in order to prepare you for a successful career in one of biology’s many fields, including medicine, therapy, environmental studies, and biotechnology.


    Career Outlook

    THE U.S. BUREAU OF LABOR AND STATISTICS EXPECTS JOB GROWTH FOR HEALTH AND SCIENCE CAREERS TO BE MUCH FASTER THAN AVERAGE FOR ALL CAREERS THROUGH 2020. Job growth for medical scientists is also expected to be much faster than the average for all careers. In fact, it’s expected to be one of the 10 fastest-growing careers studied. The biotechnology and drug industries need researchers to make the most of recent discoveries in genetics. Ongoing research into health issues, such as AIDS and cancer, means that there should be employment growth in these areas as well.

    What Will I Do After Graduation?

    As a graduate of Carlow’s biology program, you have many options. Recent Carlow graduates who majored in biology have pursued graduate school, medical school, or veterinary school to become college professors, medical doctors, therapists, veterinarians, etc.

    Others have accepted jobs right out of school as:

    • Perfusionists
    • Data quality reviewers
    • Autopsy specialists
    • Laboratory researchers/assistants 
    • Biological science technicians 
    • Surgical pathology technicians
    • Secondary school teachers