Alternative Spring Break

  • Alternative Spring Break

    Participating in Carlow University’s Alternative Spring Break program is a chance to help transform the life of another while increasing your own awareness about significant social issues in a particular area. 

    For more than fifteen years, Carlow’s Alternative Spring Break [ASB] service immersion experience has engaged in opportunities that incorporate personal leadership development, team-building/ group dynamics, critical thinking, reflection, and an opportunity to work side by side with a community or organization in need of assistance. Carlow students, faculty, and staff have rendered service in various places within the United States, as well as Jamaica, St. Croix, and Ireland.

    The benefits to those participating in an ASB experience include the ability to: 

    • Make a difference for self and others
    • Increase the capacity for service and advocacy of the host organization
    • Promote and increase awareness of social issues by working alongside those directly affected
    • Enhance sensitivity to diversity breaking down and dispelling myths and stereotypes
    • Increase leadership and group dynamic skills
    • Strengthen critical thinking and communication skills
    • Develop and encourage new long-lasting friendships
    • Individually and collectively reflect on the ASB experience

    How do you apply? How are you selected? When ASB is announced, individuals interested in participating complete and submit an application and a deposit if required. Selection for participation will include evaluation of application, essay, interview, and references. Students in good standing from all disciplines and programs have an equal opportunity to be selected to join the ASB team(s) that will be representing Carlow University in various locations. 

    How much does it cost to participate? It depends on the destination. Attempts are made to keep out of pocket expenditures to a minimum, especially for college students. To cover the total cost of the ASB experience all participants are expected to pay their portion and to creatively engage in group fundraising activities before and/or after the experience as needed.

    Partial scholarships are offered to help defray the cost of travel, when funding is available.