1. How do evening and weekend classes work?
A semester consists of 16 weeks, evening (CAP) classes run Monday through Thursday in the evenings for an eight-week session, one night a week with two CAP sessions per semester. Weekend classes run for the sixteen-week semester with classes offered every other weekend.

2. Do you have to take class throughout the entire weekend?
No. A weekend class runs about 3-4 hours on a Friday evening OR on a Saturday monring or afternoon.

3. Can I take both an evening and a weekend class?
Yes, students can do any combination of day, evening or weekend classes to create a schedule flexible to their needs.

4. How many classes do I need to qualify for financial aid?
You need to take a minimum of 6 credits in order to qualify for financial aid.

5. How long does the program take to complete?
This answer varies with each individual student. A typical bachelor's program is 120 credits and based on how many credits you take each semester will determine how long it takes. Also, transferring in credits from another institution will affect the number of credits that you must complete.

6. Must I have previous college classes prior to attending Carlow, and what are your admission requirements?
Carlow has procedures in place for students without prior college experience to start as an adult freshmen. If you are a transfer student, admission is based upon your grade point average from transferring institutions and requirements do vary upon chosen major.

7. How many of my credits will transfer into Carlow?
A maximum of 88 credits can be transferred into Carlow. In order to determine what will transfer an official evaluation of previous credits must be completed.

8. What do I do to get this process started?
First, an application must be completed. This can be done online and the $20 application fee will be waived. Next, you must have official transcripts mailed to Carlow University from all previously attended institutions to be reviewed for admission. Once admitted, a formal evaluation of your credits will be completed.

9. Do I have to submit my previous transcripts?
Yes. It's to your benefit to do that so we can do a thorough analysis. You may be surprised at the results.

10. Will I get help with scheduling my classes?
Yes. You are assigned an academic advisor who will assist you at each registration.

11. Where is Carlow University?
Carlow University is located in Oakland, one of the biggest college towns in the U.S. and the educational, medical and cultural hub of Pittsburgh. There are nine colleges and universities and over 130,000 college-age students within a 15-minute radius of Carlow. Seven hospitals lie within walking distance of our doorstep, as well as dozens of theatres, museums, concert halls, art galleries and many shops of interest to college-age students.

12. What majors does Carlow offer?
Carlow University offers over fifty academic programs within six specific divisions and schools. Academic Programs

13. How do I apply to Carlow University?
You can apply online for free. Or, you can obtain an application from Carlow’s Admissions Office (1-800-333-2275 or 412-578-6059), your personal admissions counselor, or your guidance office. Apply Online.

14. When will I know if I've been admitted to Carlow University?
Carlow uses a “rolling admissions” process. Admissions decisions are made year-round, and that there is no strict admissions “deadline.” However, because we are committed to small class size and want everyone to receive maximum consideration for admission and scholarships, we do strongly encourage students to apply as soon as possible. Once we receive all required components of your application, we review your overall credentials and make a decision..

15. Are there scholarships available?
Yes, Carlow offers a wide range of scholarships. Most awards are based on a student’s academic performance, but some are service-based. Most scholarships are automatically awarded upon admission to those who qualify. A handful of scholarships involve a separate application process. In addition to scholarships, Carlow awards grants on the basis of eligibility.

16. Do men attend Carlow University?
Yes, Carlow has admitted men since 1945, with the largest percentage currently enrolled in our adult and graduate programs.

17. How much does it cost to attend Carlow University?
Carlow is very affordable compared to many private universities. The actual cost to your family is entirely dependent upon your financial aid eligibility, which is determined via the FAFSA application process.

18. How many students attend Carlow University?
While offering a rich array of academic majors and respected graduate-level programs, Carlow University is committed to maintaining our proud tradition of small classes, which optimizes the personal experiences of students. Including our graduate and adult-degree programs, more than 2300 students attend Carlow.

19. What is the percentage of minority students?
As one of the most diverse campuses in western Pennsylvania, Carlow’s student body is approximately 21% minority.

20. How safe is Carlow University?
Carlow has always maintained an especially safe campus. In our 75-year history, there has never been a “major” crime of any kind committed here. Carlow University employs its own police force, which provides 24-hour protection seven days a week. The dorms are constantly monitored and house a multi-layered security system with several separate check points between the outside and a student’s dorm room.