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  • Accounting students
    As a well-prepared accounting graduate, you will be expected to advise clients in all facets of accounting and business including communications, management, and finance. The accounting major is designed to give you experience in these areas.

    The accounting major requires the student to complete 39 credits in accounting as well as courses in the business management and information technology management curriculum. Students can opt for a double major and/or a minor by combining accounting with another discipline by consulting with their advisor.

    The accounting major leads to the Bachelor of Science degree. The curriculum integrates a strong accounting, business, technology, and liberal arts education with the requirements for application for various licenses, such as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) as established by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. (Please see the Pennsylvania Institute of CPAs website for current licensure requirements.) Students also participate in an internship or practicum which enables them to earn experience in the field of accounting.