Curiculum Vitae


Doctor of Nursing Practice – 2008; Chatham University; Pittsburgh, PA
Master of Nursing – 1980; University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA; Medical-Surgical Program – Cardiovascular Critical Care Specialty
Bachelor of Science in Nursing – 1975; University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA; Cum laude 


Carlow University, Pittsburgh, PA 
Associate Professor
Director, Doctor of Nursing Practice
Director, Graduate Nursing Leadership Program – 3 sites
2009-2010; Assistant Professor and Director, Nursing Leadership Graduate Program and Doctor of Nursing Practice Program
2008-2009; Assistant Professor and Director, Nursing Leadership Graduate Programs; 
2007-2008; Instructor, Graduate Programs, Nursing Leadership and Family Nurse Practitioner; 
Responsible for administrative responsibilities and planning, teaching, and evaluating courses in two (until 2010) graduate Master of Science programs in Nursing Leadership and the Doctor of Nursing Practice Program; 

Courses Taught:
DNP Program
NU 806 Scholarly Inquiry I
NU 820 Advanced Data Collection
NU 830 Key Concepts
NU 821 Applying Evidence to Practice I
NU 822 Applying Evidence to Practice II
MSN Program
NU 701 Nursing Theories and Conceptual Models
NU 709 Leadership Styles
NU 725 Statistical Applications
NU 727 Fiscal Management
NU 729 Leadership in Adult Education
NU 739 Leadership in Evaluation and Measurement
NU 721 Healthcare Policy Decision Making
NU 733 Leadership Internship
BSN Program
NU 406 Nursing Research

University Committees/Services
Rand and Tenure Committee – 2012-present
University Faculty Assembly – 2010-2012, Co-Chair
Graduate Faculty Committee – 2007-present; 2010-2012, Chair
Faculty Senate – 2010-2012
Graduate Skills Committee – 2008-present, Chair
Institutional Review Board – 2008-present
Doctoral Policies Committee – 2008-present
Graduate Assessment Committee – 2007-2011
Rank and Tenure Ad Hoc Subcommittee – 2008-2009
Learning Management Systems Ad Hoc Committee – 2008-2009
Study Abroad Committee – 2008-2010
Presentations: Graduate Student Orientation – Jan 2009, Aug 2009, Jan 2010, Aug 2010, Jan 2011, Aug 2011, Jan 2012, Aug 2012
Presentation: Teaching Effectiveness: New Faculty Orientation – Sept 2009, Sept 2010
Campus Ministry Volunteer – Matriculation, Baccalaureate Mass – 2007-present

Divisional Committees/Services
School of Nursing Doctoral Faculty Committee – 2009–present, Chair
DNP Implementation Committee – 2008-2009, Chair 
CCNE Doctoral Self-Study – 2009-2010, Chair 
School of Nursing Directors Committee – 2008-present
School of Nursing Search Committee – Chair, 2009-2010, 2010-2011, 2012-present
School of Nursing Faculty Mentor – 2009-2010, 2010-2011,2011-2012,2012-present
School of Nursing Evaluation Committee – 2007-2008, 2008-2009 Chair
School of Nursing Advisory Council – 2010, 2011, 2012 Chair
School of Nursing Graduate Advisory Council – 2009 Chair

Research Activity
2008 – 2010: Preparatory Course for Graduate School Academic Success –
Implementation evaluative study
2007-2008: Empowerment for Academic Success in Graduate School – Pilot study

Grant Activity
Director – 2012-2013 HRSA NFLP grant 1 E01HP24641-01-00 - $135,000 award 
Director – 2011-2012 HRSA NFLP grant E01HP22243-01-00 - $157,099 award
Author - 2009 Pennsylvania Higher Education Foundation - $37,000 award
Provision of scholarships for graduate students pursuing educational careers

University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA
1992 – 2000; Adjunct Faculty 
Provided didactic and clinical preceptorship educational experiences for graduate and undergraduate Parent-Child and graduate Pediatric Nurse Practitioner students

Pennsylvania State University; University Park, PA
1997 – 2000; Preceptor/Management Mentor 
Provided health administration internship supervision for Health Policy and Administration students in hospital setting

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey; Newark, NJ
1981 – 1986; Instructor
Responsible for planning, teaching, and evaluating courses in the undergraduate and graduate Parent-Child curriculum (didactic, clinical); Member: Affirmative Action, Undergraduate Courses of Study, and Continuing Education Committees

Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, PA 
1996 – 2006; Administrative Director, Critical Care Services
Responsible for patient care operations, fiscal, quality,  and human resource management and supervision of department managers for four critical care units, acute care Cardiac/ Transplant unit, housewide Respiratory Care Services, Critical Care Transport Team, Critical Care Medicine and Neonatology physician services, ECMO, Transportation, Helipad, Palliative Care Program,  Home Ventilator Program, and critical care research. 
Oversight of approximately 500 staff; $120 million in charges; $30 million in expenses;
Achieved PRC Patient Satisfaction Awards in all assigned inpatient units, including Highest Overall Quality Award for 3 years in a row; 
Led organ donation QI, increasing conversion from average of ~40% to 80% - hospital awarded HHS National Medal of Honor in 2006; 
Led development of professional development model; 
Wrote business plan and implemented new program in Palliative Care with funding;
Established Nursing Fellowship Program for experienced nurses; 
Led hospital’s first NIH/NINR funded nursing research for multisite study; 
Chair of Professional Practice Council; 
Member of Ethics Committee and Children’s Hospital/University of Pittsburgh IRB
Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, PA
1995 – 1996; Project Team Member - Re-engineering Design
Project Team support role and Phase III Project Manager; Responsible for coordination of fiscal projections, staffing and scheduling models, quality assurance, training, information systems, and human resources for redesign initiatives in critical care and operating room areas.
Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, PA 
1988 – 1996; Critical Care Clinical Nurse Specialist 
Responsible for quality of care and problem solving in the PICU; Provided support, education, and consultation to neonates and children, families, and nursing staff; Manager of QI program for critical care and Patient Care Quality Council Chair; CNS Group Leader
Morris Home Care Agency, Morristown Memorial Hospital, Morristown, N.J.
1986 – 1987; Pediatric Critical Care Consultant; Morristown, NJ
Provided assessment/care planning for acutely ill children at home for Morris Home Care Agency; Consultant for developing new PICU at Morristown Memorial Hospital, Morristown, N.J.
Children’s Hospital of New Jersey, Newark, N.J.
1981 – 1985; Clinical Nurse Specialist-Shared Appointment 
Consultant to instructors and managers in neonatal/ pediatric critical care units; Organizational development research project; Development of IV Therapy Course and Critical Care Course; IV Therapy and Medication Committees
Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, PA
1981 – 1982; Critical Care Consultant
 Assisted in coordinating critical care courses and ongoing development of transplant and transport policies, protocols, and standards of care
Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, PA 
1980 – 1981; Clinical Nurse Specialist – Critical Care; Coordinator – Transport Team 
Responsible for quality of care and problem solving in ICU, IMC, SCN, ER, and PACU; Developed, coordinated and taught in critical care course; Responsible for Transport Team education, orientation, staffing, and standards of care; Educator for cardiac surgery care
University of Pittsburgh Surgical Research, Pittsburgh, PA
1980 – 1981; ECMO Perfusion Team Member
Responsible for maintaining infants on ECMO; Assisted in education and training of nursing staff
Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, PA
1977 – 1980; Staff Development Instructor
Planned, taught, and evaluated orientation classes and clinical experiences for nursing personnel on infant medical and surgical units, SCN, ER, neurosurgery, and transport team
Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, PA
1980 - 1981; 1975 - 1977; Staff Nurse
Provided total patient care, planning, team leading, and charge duties on infant medical unit and intensive care unit.
Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters, Norfolk, VA
1975; Staff Nurse  
Provided total patient care, planning and team leading on a medical-surgical unit and neonatal special care unit


Peggy Slota earned a BSN and MN in cardiovascular critical care and a DNP degree. Dr. Slota is an Associate Professor and Director of the Carlow DNP and graduate nursing education and leadership programs, with primary teaching responsibilities in graduate research, leadership, education, and fiscal management courses. Her experience includes positions as a critical care clinical nurse specialist, transport nurse, staff development educator, Rutgers University faculty, and ten years as an administrative director of critical care services. As a Director, she was responsible for operations in multiple pediatric/neonatal critical care units and respiratory, palliative care, critical care transport and ECMO services. She initiated a collaborative research program for bedside nurses, led professional development and peer recognition programs, initiated a hospital-based cardiac fellowship program, and developed the business plan for and implemented an inpatient and outpatient palliative care program. Dr. Slota served on the Board of Directors for the Center for Organ Recovery and Education, the Center for Emergency Medicine, and STAT MedEvac, and was a member of the Nursing Advisory Council to the Pennsylvania State Emergency Medical Services. She is currently a member and secretary of the PSNA Environmental Health Committee. She has presented frequently and published many articles in refereed journals, multiple chapters in books, and two books. She was a member of the national Steering Committee of the Pediatric Special Interest Group for the American Association of Critical Care Nurses, an Editorial Board Member for Critical Care Nurse, first Department Editor for pediatric critical care in Critical Care Nurse, and Editor of the first and second editions of the Core Curriculum for Pediatric Critical Care Nursing. Her research interests include infection control, cardiac output, graduate and staff education, management and leadership, and coping in critically children, adolescents, and families. She has been honored as a Fellow in the American Academy of Nursing, a Fellow in the AACN Leadership for Academic Nursing Program, a UPMC Beckwith Fellow, Nightingale Award Finalist in Nursing Research, and as Nurse of the Year at Children's Hospital.



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Research Interests

• Empowerment for Academic Success in Graduate School; Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Doctorate of Nursing Practice Degree; Chatham University, 2008; Presented: 
    1. Empowerment for Academic Success in Graduate School: Formative Evaluation of a Pilot Preparatory Program; Carlow University Faculty Scholarship Poster Session; Pittsburgh; Mar 31, 2009.
    2. Empowerment for Academic Success in Graduate School; Podium Presenter: The 2nd National Conference on Doctor of Nursing Practice: The Dialogue Continues; Hilton Head, SC, Mar 24-27, 2009
    3. Empowerment for Graduate School Success; Poster Presenter; AACN Master’s Education Conference; Orlando, FLA; Feb 18-21, 2009
    4. Empowerment for Graduate School Success; Poster Presenter; Greater Pittsburgh Nursing Research Conference, PA; Oct. 24, 2008; Selected by doctoral faculty to represent Chatham University.

• Coping Outcomes of Hospitalized Adolescents and Their Parents; Co-investigator; Multisite study; Principal investigator at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh data collection site; 2003-04; Funded by University of Rochester - $6000.

• Creating Opportunities for Parent Empowerment: Program Effects on the Mental Health/Coping Outcomes of Critically Ill Young Children and Their Mothers;  Co-Investigator-Multisite study; Principal Investigator at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh data collection site; NIH/NINR funded - $209,000 for Pittsburgh site; Proposal period: 7/1/97-7/31/01; Published:  Melnyk BM, et al., PEDIATRICS 2004; 13(6), e597-607.

• Determination of the Microbial Bioburden of a Mattress Foam Topper; Principle investigator; Poster presentation – Nov 98.

• The role of gown and glove isolation and strict handwashing in the reduction of nosocomial infection in children with solid organ transplantation; Principal Investigator; Kimberly Clark, Inc. funding;  Published:  Slota M, Green M, Farley A, Janosky J, Carcillo J.  Crit Care Med 2001, 29(2), pp 405-12.

• Estimate of Noninvasive Cardiac Output in Children; Multisite study based at University of Virginia; 1995. Principal investigator at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh.