Sheila Gillespie Roth is a full professor and chair of the Department of Social Work at Carlow University. She was co-creator of the Carlow University Crisis Response Team and co-developer of many of the early crisis policies on campus.
Sheila received her bachelors and masters degrees in social work from the University of Pittsburgh, and her doctorate in Administration and Policy Studies from the University of Pittsburgh.
In addition to her role as chair of the department, Sheila teaches several practice courses such as individuals, families, and groups and theories and methods of practice. She teaches elective courses on crisis intervention and death and dying.  
Sheila’s research interests lie in several areas of practice.  She has conducted research on work family fit and on ethical dilemmas in end of life care settings.  More recently she is participating in a research project looking at trauma-informed care and young women in residential settings. 
Sheila’s social work career and experience began in the medical setting.  She worked on various hospital units including obstetrics, general medicine, oncology, emergency department, trauma ICU, and the burn unit. During her time on the Oncology unit Sheila co-facilitated educational and support groups for patients and families.  She left the hospital setting to begin development of the social work program at Carlow University.  She has maintained clinical skills through her role as Program Counselor at the Center for Emergency Medicine of Western Pennsylvania.  In this role Sheila provides crisis intervention and short-term therapy and referral to EMS providers..  She has also been active for the past 25 years as a volunteer for the Pittsburgh Critical Incident Stress Management Team, as a behavioral health provider. Sheila was also an educational trainer for the Safe Schools Consulting Group.
Sheila  is a  licensed clinical social worker in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and has clinical training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and in EMDR.  She serves on the Editorial Board for the Journal of Social Work in End-of-Life & Palliative Care and the  Board of the Pittsburgh Critical Incident Stress Management Team.  She has been the recipient of awards such as: Southwestern PA NASW Social Worker of the Year (2012), the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation Team Member Award, the Celebrate & Share Women of Achievement Award, and a Certificate of Appreciation given by the City of Pittsburgh Bureau of EMS.  Sheila has been the recipient of two faculty research grants: the Carlow University Faculty Mini Grant, and the Carlow College Faculty Summer Institute Mini-Grant.  She has published several articles and book chapters in the areas of work family fit, end of life issues, and health care and social work.
Sheila enjoys spending time with her family and travel.


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Research Interests

Work life Balance  
End of Life Issues  
Effects of Trauma following Critical Incidents