Graduate Resident Director



Position: Graduate Resident Director

Department: Campus Life

Reporting to: Assistant Director of Campus Life 



The Graduate Resident Director (GRD) is a part-time staff member who is currently enrolled in a relevant Master's degree program, that includes but is not limited to Student Affairs, Higher Education Administration, Professional Counseling or Social Work.  The GRD is considered a member of the Campus Life staff.  The GRD is expected to live in the Carlow University residence hall and work an average of eighteen hours each week




Training & Development

  • Serve in the GRD role on 10-month contract beginning Tuesday August 1, 2018 - Thursday May 31, 2019.
  • Participate in all training and development opportunities. GRDs are responsible for making arrangements with fall/spring/summer classes, summer jobs, and vacation plans to participate in all training and development activities (i.e. GRD Training, RA Training, Move In Day, etc.)  
  • Participate in department and hall events, such as staff development activities, banquets, in-services, or other events.
  • Participate in RA Recruitment & Selection
  • Participate in other required trainings/meetings as scheduled, i.e. weekly staff meetings, bi-monthly 1-on-1 meetings, in-services, staff hiring, etc.


Administrative Tasks: 

  • Assume on-duty responsibilities with other staff on a rotating basis
    • Hold scheduled regular office hours - 10 per week in GRD office, 4 of which are required in designated office hours. All other associated hours are completed through advising, student staff interactions, etc.
  • Communicates and writes reports as expected by supervisor.
  • Manage RA programming as determined by the ADCL.   
  • Oversee budgets for residence hall programming and staff development.
  • Hold bi-weekly 1-on-1s with student staff.
  • Assist the ADCL with necessary end-of-year or semester reports and evaluations.
  • Assume additional responsibilities as assigned by Campus Life Staff
  • Safeguard keys. Loss of University keys may result in loss of employment & personal financial obligation.



  • Assist with opening, vacation breaks (i.e. Thanksgiving, winter, and spring break), closing, room changes, health & safety inspections, and other operational functions as it pertains to the residence halls. 
  • Assist the ADCL with the implementation of policies and procedures related to health, safety, and other residence hall community issues. 
  • Assist in procedures for emergencies including medical, mental health, and facility issues. 
  • Report maintenance problems and follow-up as necessary.


Advising & Supervision:

  • Assist the ADCL with management of the residence hall staff and provide staff development experiences for RAs, which focus on working cooperatively, sharing responsibilities, and establishing positive working relationships. 
  • Assist in holding RAs accountable for proper presentation and implementation of programmatic ideas. 
  • Provide guidance and support for the health and well-being of each student staff member.
  • May help to advise students who are members of the Resident Student Association.


Community Engagement: 

  • Create a residential environment where support, academic success, and self-exploration exist for each individual student. 
  • Plan and implement a minimum of one program with RAs per semester that focuses on community engagement, personal growth, and academic success. 
  • Be visible, available, and accessible to all residents and RAs
  • Collaborate with the ADCL to approve and track programming proposals for RAs. 
  • Assist in the coordination of community development initiatives, including facilitation of building wide programs. 
  • Maintain a working knowledge of campus and community resources.
  • Act as referral agent for residents and RAs in assisting them with finding appropriate campus and community resources. 


Student Behavior and Crisis Response:

  • Enforce, uphold, and abide by all University policies and procedures. 
  • Be familiar with and understand all policies and procedures, (i.e. Student Conduct Code & Residence Hall Policies & Procedures).
  • Assist in the University's Student Conduct Process
  • Document and communicate incidents in an accurate and timely manner.
  • Effectively respond to crisis situations; follow Campus Life protocol and follow-up procedures.
  • Listen to personal concerns of staff and students; act as a referral agent to appropriate resources.
  • Become familiar with all University counseling and referral resources.
  • Serve as a Campus Security Authority.


Inclusivity and Leadership: 

  • Build an inclusive community and staff dynamics that promote and support the exchange of diverse ideas.
  • Assist RAs in creating activities/programs that promote leadership and inclusion among community members.
  • Support department and university efforts in inclusivity and leadership events.
  • Address and report any type of behavior that is or is perceived to be discriminatory or offensive. 
  • Serve as a visual, positive, and active community member within the floor, hall, and university.

The intent of this list of primary duties is to provide a representative summary of the major duties and responsibilities of this job. Incumbents perform other related duties assigned. Specific duties and responsibilities may vary based upon departmental needs.



  • Currently enrolled in a Master's level program
  • Possess experience that demonstrates a clear understanding of student and community development, strong interpersonal skills, and the ability to manage the demands of the position with the demands of their academic requirements. 
  • Possess a commitment and ability to build communities that are inclusive of diverse populations and support students' intellectual, emotional, social, and multicultural development. 
  • Demonstrate crisis management skills, including problem-solving and critical thinking.  
  • Demonstrate organizational skills and the ability to work efficiently, independently and in a team. 
  • Possess solid interpersonal, oral, and written communication skills.



Carlow University employees commit themselves to the highest standards of ethical conduct.  They commit to act with integrity, treat others with respect and dignity, carefully steward the University's resources, avoid conflicts of interest or commitment, maintain confidentiality, and to comply with legal and professional obligations.

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Carlow University is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. We strive for a campus that reflects our urban setting and is inclusive of underrepresented groups to enhance our University community. 



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Department: Campus Life
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